The MULATE brand was created by a world-renowned chocolate master “from bean to bar”. It all started with a search for the right cocoa beans in Asia, Africa and South America. Unexpected tastes were inspired by the colors, smells and sounds of nature discovered on travels, the secrets of animals, the moods of the people, their daily lives and wisdom...


The quality of MULATE products has been repeatedly evaluated in international competitions

Ingredients that meet the highest quality standards

Perfectly balanced cocoa beans selected by South American farmers

Manufactured at a temperature below 42 degrees

Less sugar and more cocoa

Chocolate products do not contain gluten or soy

100% ecological energy in production

MULATE products

The highest quality chocolate products are made in Lithuania

MULATE chocolate bars

Crispy and shiny, a diamond-shaped masterpiece created by a chocolate jeweler – a gift for gourmands!

MULATE chocolate snacks

Thin, melt-in-the-mouth chocolate bites when you're low on energy, so easy to share – a treat for everyone!

MULATE chocolate creams

Velvety texture, without palm oil, rich palette of flavors. They will flavor not only toast, but also pancakes or ice cream!

MULATE chocolate dragee

Selected caramelized berries and nuts dipped in chocolate will delight not only you!

We are also creating

Various organic and vegan products that are supplemented with valuable trace elements – proteins, fibers and vitamins. As well as we can make any your idea come true by special recipe.

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